Do you ever wonder how much a mattress cost without the retail mark-up? The last time you’ve went mattress shopping, you might feel a little shocked by the pricing that brands are offering now.

The average consumer knows very little about what goes into making and selling of a mattress. So, we’re dishing out the truth about the mattress industry and why it’s so expensive.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty part of it, a good mattress plays an important role in enhancing the health and well-being of an individual. In addition to improving sleep quality, a good mattress also helps reduce support and ensure greater relaxation for the users. A high-quality mattress offers greater comfort and support to consumers in more ways than one. The greater the health benefits of a mattress, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Increase In Demand

While there are a wide variety of mattresses available in the market whether in a brick-and-mortar place or even online, the demands vary from time to time. Therefore, this sudden upsurge in the demand for a specific type of mattress for different consumers may cause the prices to go uphill. The spike may be due to various reasons, including the specific type of mattress or even a supply deficit from manufacturers.

Cost of Materials

The use of different types of materials also has an impact to the price. Naturally, the mattresses made from a higher cost of materials comes with a higher price tag. Additionally, mattresses that comes from a combination of different materials in the effort to enhance their durability and comfort will increase the price as well. However, a higher price tag may not necessarily attribute to the quality and durability of a mattress.

Delivery And Shipping

Most consumers don’t always consider the actual cost of shipping a mattress, regardless of whether they have purchased it online or in-store. The cost of transporting and delivering the mattresses is often included in the overall price of the mattress. The transportation and delivery charges further depend on the distance between the manufacturing unit and the store, the packaging and shipping needs, fuel costs and many more reasons.

Profit Margin

Most mattress manufacturers decide the price of their products after factoring in their profit margins. Since investing in a comfortable mattress is a necessity for most buyers, the profit margins of most manufacturers are high. With most buyers willing to pay a high price to get the best mattress, it is not surprising that mattress companies include their profits in its cost.

Improved Mattress Technology

Modern-day mattresses are designed using a wide range of technological innovations for enhanced comfort. Some of the technologies used include sleep sensors, heating technology, and pressure- relieving technology. Mattresses with these technologies help improve the users’ sleep quality, making them more relaxing and healthier—the type of technology used impacts the price of the mattress quite significantly.

Now that you know how much a mattress costs, learning about the various aspects that can ultimately lead to a higher price point of mattress can help you make the right buying decision. For all your mattress needs and more, head on over to Macio Home Experiences store to look and feel.

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