Some mattress bounce, some are firm, and some are so soft you’ll feel like you’re sinking in clouds. But ever wondered what’s goes on inside your mattress? There’s so much technology that goes into it and everything is catered to helping you sleep better. This article gives you the insider’s point of view into the makings of a mattress.

First of all: Material Matters

You can find a wide range of firmness levels and price points for most material options on the market. Memory foam and innerspring beds are the most popular, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Memory foam


  • Offer the best pressure relief because they adapt to your body and take weight off pressure points.
  • Ideal for side sleepers or anyone with back pain because they help promote proper spine alignment by putting less stress on your shoulders and hips.
  • Help with motion isolation, so you’re less likely to feel your sleeping partner move.


  • Memory foam mattress became increasingly popular throughout the years. However, this also means that they have second rate quality too.
  • They can emit gasses which have a distinct odour.
  • When sleeping it may seem that you are sinking inside the mattress rather than sleeping on top of it.



  • Made of natural material. Latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree and is entirely sustainable.
  • Better for allergies and good for people with asthma. Great for those who are sensitive to household allergens like bacteria, mold and mildew and dust mites.
  • Lasts longer. It can last for a decade or longer too! Most foam mattresses lose density within a year, meaning its much less comfortable sleep.


  • It can be quite heavy due to the layers of latex within. So if you’re buying latex mattress, you’ll need help to lift the weight when you change the bedding.
  • It can smell (at first!). There’s no getting away from the rubber odour. But don’t worry, since it’s a natural material, it’s not a sign of any toxic chemicals happening.
  • It is on a pricey side. Latex mattresses tend to be a little more expensive than some other mattresses made with natural materials. The cost is usually dependent on certifications, with more robustly certified mattresses.

Coconut Fibre


  • Coconut fibre mattresses are made of such quality which can easily absorb moisture that will in turn make your sleep a comfortable a refreshing sleep.
  • These mattresses are very well ventilated as there is maximum air flow in and out. It maintains an ideal temperature for you so that your body will have a better sleep.
  • As it’s made of natural fibres only, the mattress is able to provide to support your whole body. Lying down on your back would be more advantageous for getting a perfect posture to sleep as well as align the spine perfectly.


  • If you are a person who prefers to sleep on soft surface, this mattress is not for you as it can be on the firm side.
  • You may wake up with body pains especially on your back and shoulders as it increases pressure points.
  • Prone to sagging as the material easily gets slumped. Once the mattress gets compressed, it cannot bounce back.




  • Innerspring mattresses use a metal wire system combined with springs to create a support frame covered in fabric with cushioning material used on top of the mattress for extra support.
  • Smoother surface and spring base made from steel coils make motion a bit less effort than other mattress types. You will have the maximum support for your sleep experience.
  • Comes in multiple price points. Because an innerspring mattress is such a classic design, you are pretty much guaranteed to find one that will fit within your budget.


  • The lack of memory foam comfort layers can be a drawback for anyone who prefers the feel and support of a memory foam mattress.
  • Innerspring mattresses are prone to having springs break if too much pressure is applied or from gradual wear over time.
  • Some innerspring mattresses use lesser quality materials to cut costs and maximise profit. A lower quality mattress will be cheaper but will not have the same longevity as a mattress that uses better materials.

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