You’re in luck, because we have 3 ways to help you figure out if your back needs help!

So, you go to bed feeling great but woke up feeling not so great — especially when it comes to your back. Many people go through life trying to find to why they’re waking up in pain but end up never really doing anything about it. Which is a shame because the answer may lie in your mattress.

While it’s hard to know exactly what the reason for your pain is, here are some signs you may need a new mattress — ASAP.

Pain is your first feeling in the morning

If you go to bed feeling great and wake up miserable, it’s a good indication that your mattress is causing you back pain. A soft mattress will cause your spine to fall out of alignment while a firm mattress will cause join pressure in your hips that leads to pain in your lower back. This will have you groaning and heaving out of bed each morning.

You’re tossing and turning all night long

It’s hard to get comfortable when your mattress keeps poking you back. If your spine isn’t resting well on your bed, you’ll be up all night trying to find a better sleep position when the actual problem is your mattress. Unless your mattress hasn’t properly been supporting you, your back shouldn’t be in enough pain for it to jolt you awake.


You don’t get the same aches sleeping elsewhere

If you fell asleep on the couch or even on a different bed and your back doesn’t show signs of pain — the fault could be entirely on your mattress. It may be time for you to rethink your current mattress if you’re constantly finding excuses not to sleep on your own bed! 


How the right mattress can cure your back pain

Leave it to the experts to determine the best mattress for not only for your back but for an overall healthier sleeping habit as well. But we can tell you that a mattress that’s too firm doesn’t provide enough contour to our bodies. However, a mattress that’s too soft will bend and cause problems as well.

Reach out to the sleep experts at Macio Home for a firm yet supportive mattress for you.

What else can you do for your back pain?

Changing your mattress will most likely do the magic for you. It will improve your sleep and make sure you get those 8 hours of snooze that you truly deserve. Other than that, you can also make it a habit to do a light and simple stretching the moment you wake up and before you go to sleep to help with spine flexibility.

If you’re always sleeping on your back, it might be best to start sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to support your hips and lower back. Try changing your pillows too as this can promote less neck and back pain whilst you’re sleeping.

Bottom line: a good mattress should support the spine. If you’re constantly waking up with pain, consider this as a sign that it might be the time to invest in a new mattress. Lucky for you Macio Home Mattress Collection has lined up a few great mattresses. A good night’s sleep is waiting for you!


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