We wouldn’t call it an absolute necessity but there are several perks as to why you need one. Read on to find out the surprising way a bed frame can elevate your sleep.

Quality sleep goes hand in hand with a quality mattress. However, the bed frame where the mattress sits can play an equally important role of your well-deserved sleep. The bed frame is the foundation of the mattress, and without a quality frame, how can you get your beauty sleep?

The best foundation for your mattress

Without a concrete and steady foundation, a house can easily crumble over time. Like mattresses, the bed frame is the foundational support. It supports the mattress which in turn supports you. If you’ve purchased a king size or a queen size mattress, your bed frame needs to have a sturdy center for support.

Better sleep

We know we sound like a broken record but hear us out! Although mattresses play an important role to good sleeping habits, bed frames improve the air flow around the bed and prevents heat from becoming trapped underneath. Plus, bed frames allow added elevation so that you can get up easier as opposed to getting up from the floor.

Holds your mattress in place

Bed frames help to hold your mattress firmly and in proper position. It should also fit your mattress size — too small and your mattress will overflow the bed frame, too big and your mattress will keep shifting and sliding on the bed as you move around. Your bed will look messy with the sight of disheveled sheets and pillows. Your bed should be a calming place to fall into a peaceful sleep, so make it a heavenly place of rest.

Gives longer life to your mattress

Having a bed frame doesn’t only save you time from tossing and turning all night, it saves you money too! The support provided by having a foundation beneath your mattress reduces the wear and tear of your mattress, which extends the life expectancy of your mattress. The better care you take of your mattress, the less need for you to look for a new one.

The best base for your bed?

Firstly, a good bed frame should have a solid construction. This means it needs to be sturdy enough to hold your mattress. Some mattresses are made heavier than others so this is really something you should consider.

Another important feature of a good bed base is the air circulation. This is especially important for countries in tropical climate as it helps deter mold growth. Besides that, it helps you to have a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Complement your aesthetic

We know those Pinterest boards are all the rage when it comes to putting your mattress on the floor. There’s certainly a modern and minimalistic vibe when you have your mattress on the floor. But take this as an opportunity for you to style your bedroom. Bed frames now come in several colours, finishes and functional elements like storage or bookcases and shelves as headboard. Live it up a little and choose a bed frame that fits your aesthetic.

Researching and choosing a mattress is already an overwhelming task and now you’re left with having to choose the bed frame too! That’s why the sleep experts over at Macio Home can help you pick the right mattress and bed frame to suit your needs and style. If you’re ready to have the best sleep of your life, give Macio Home Bed Frame Collection a try!

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