This article might be short, but we hope it will take you longer than this to purchase your mattress!

Before you think about picking up a secondhand mattress or accepting a hand-me-down from a friend or family member for a quick solution, just remember you’ll sleep much better on a mattress that’s the right fit for you. 


Sleeping Position

Back sleepers won’t be happy with a soft mattress as it doesn’t provide enough support to keep your spin properly aligned as you sleep.

Side sleepers tend to put pressure on your shoulders and hips, so you might match with a softer mattress that cushions your body and helps relieve pressure. Many side sleepers find that memory foam or pillow-top mattresses provide an ideal blend of comfort and support.

Stomach sleepers puts stress on your spine. You might want to change to a sleeping position that offer better health benefits. That said, if you can only get a good night’s sleep by sleeping on your stomach, you’ll want to make sure you sleep on the right mattress.

Combination sleepers are the ones who turn over frequently throughout the night. A medium-firm mattress may offer just the right blend of comfort and support.

Body type

Everyone is shaped differently, that’s why there’s a perfect mattress out there for everyone.

Those who are on the lighter side will most likely that a softer mattress would be ideal. It’s fine if you prefer a firmer bed, but if you sleep on your side or need pain and pressure relief, a softer mattress will make you wake up feeling well rested.

Those who are heavy-weight sleepers will generally need firmer bed to get enough support. Don’t forget to consider the size of the mattress too! People over 6 feet tall l may have trouble getting comfortable on anything smaller than a queen mattress. Most people find it tough to sleep with their feet hanging off the edge of the bed.

Sleeping For Health

For those who suffer from physical health issues, the right way is to consult an expert and ask them to help you choose a mattress that supports all your health needs.

But if you do suffer from back pain, a medium-firm mattress is a good starting point as it provides support for the natural curves of your spine, while allowing your shoulders and hips to sink in slightly for that comfort feel.

Good quality support is also important for those suffering from back pain. Spring and coils are excellent at providing comfort for your back.

Mattress Firmness

Sleeping on a bed that’s too soft will trigger your back pain even more. Your body could sink in too far and cause your spine to go out of alignment. Having a mattress that’s too firm has its’ drawbacks too. Your mattress should offer you enough comfort and support without feeling like you’re lying on a bed of stone.

You may not necessarily need a luxury mattress, but you probably won’t sleep well on a poorly made mattress. You could also find yourself needing a replacement in just a few years, so it’s often worth investing in the best mattress you can afford.

Many brands have affordable mattresses suitable for different body weights and sleeping positions. Macio Home, for instance, has all the mattresses well suited for your needs good value for money too.

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